Saturday, October 31, 2009

::My Happy begin...::

I'm free..

i'm totally free~


that's the word that best describe me now

i'm free from all the problems in my life

and i'm feelin' like i'm flyin' right now..

no longer problems in my head (Shuhh~ShuH~)

no more question'(Wiee)

no longer wishper in my ear (Yes!)

no longer pain n hurt in my heart (thanks god=))

no longer tears for pain n headche (smile~)

and the most important is

No Worries!!

i'm flyin' without wings

and i'm happy with that

thanks God for givin me these blessing

i hope my life wil be more colourful and happier in the future
*peeps, trust nobody ya!!

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KaMoo!! ContenG Skeyt Mehh ☂